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JHK's Report to Customers
Saying goodbye to tough year 2020 in a positive way is to join hands with JHK
Date : 2021/01/12

With “Good Omens” for 2021, You Need Something Better and Newer from JHK

Saying goodbye to tough year 2020 in a positive way is to join hands with JHK

The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest black swan event ever in the past few years, which has sprayed salt to injury of global manufacturing industry that has been dampened since 2019. However, the light of hope is often at the end of the tunnel, given some “good omens” below-mentioned for 2021.

Continued Easing Policies by Global Central Banks


With the development of vaccines for Covid-19 virus expected to alleviate risks for 2021 economy, global central banks have planned to maintain an easing monetary policy environment. For example, Federal Reserve of the U.S. announced at the end of 2020 an easing policy for 2021, while ECB also decided to carry out QE. Most of the efforts seem to have paid off, as PMI there all have recovered to more than 50 for now. 



Price Hikes of Base Metals       


Also boding well is the continuous increases of The S&P GSCI Industrial Metals Index, which has mounted by 35% since last June. In the meantime, metal price uptrend as shown by futures in LME has also signaled ongoing turnaround in manufacturing industry this year. The bullish sentiment can be attributed partly to China’s economic stimulus, which have effectively revitalized local industries of white goods and automobiles to herald global recovery this year. 



Shipping Delays? JHK Can Help Solve It!


JHK, a cold-forging veteran with nearly 30 years of expertise in Taiwan, boasts a well-developed supply chain consisting experienced and dependable local suppliers. It enables JHK to better satisfy customers, especially those being fretted by material shortages and shipping delays, with quality cold-forged products, on-time delivery and enviable cost effectiveness.  

An innovation-driven manufacturer, JHK is also going to launch a slate of new products, including a 300mm magnetic socket extension, and 400-450mm cold-forged hand tools. With the new products plus with highly integrated manufacturing capability, the high-profile Taiwanese maker is ready to help its customers to explore growth momentum in the years to come. 



You Can Rely on JHK’s Advanced Cold Forging Skills
What is different from JHK this year? We believe its continuously developed cold-forging capability using up to 7 dies in once cycle can tell, which is achieved partly by its advanced multi-stage cold-forging machines installed in the second half of 2019. To aim for a turnaround jointly with its customers, JHK has also worked on R&D for cold-forged tools with sophisticated structural design and low cost. All the efforts JHK has paid are expected to bear fruit this year. 

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