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JHK's Report to Customers
Amid Supply Chain Revolution, JHK Helps You Get Started
Date : 2019/12/24

The lingering trade war launched by the U.S. against other countries of the world has forced global enterprises to consider restructuring supply chains that mostly involve contract manufacturers in Asia. With a global supply chain revolution on the way, JHK’s Report to Customers will share its insights into the transition. 

One Year after Sino-U.S. Trade War...
Manufacturing landscape is changing


Under the traditional division of labor, a single piece of cold-forged aircraft parts can be transferred across many borders and then destined to Boeing or Airbus till it is finished. This is the landscape that manufacturers from all over the world in the era of globalization have been familiar with.

However, such an offshoring process may have reached a time point to be changed, as ever more international enterprises have found it inefficient. It is especially significant  when wages in Asian developing countries have continuously grown, while rising protectionism worldwide and increasing tariffs by the U.S. and other nations have added salt to injury of the players with production facilities outside of their homelands. 

台灣金屬製造業者多少已因短鏈革命而大受影響。A global supply chain revolution has got underway.

In response, a couple of globally known conglomerates, such as GE, have reshored their production facilities and restructured existing supply chains, to impact numerous companies in Asia that rely on contract manufacturing. It is safe to say: time to say goodbye to the manufacturing landscape sustained by globalization.



Global Supply Chain Revolution Gets Underway       

To break a long, complex system into pieces


A more flexible and market-oriented supply chain is needed.

Simply speaking, the global supply chain revolution getting underway is to see long, complex cross-border supply chains be broken into smaller and “more independent” ones, to enable multinational enterprises to better adapt themselves to government regulations—literally duties—and market demands with improved efficiency and significant flexibility. 

In other words, to the Taiwanese metal industry, for example, the revolution is likely to bring in change in the way that a single supplier will be asked to serve foreign customers like a separate supply chain, to provide readily available products and services on demand locally and for nearby markets. To that end, integrated manufacturing facility will be required.



To Survive the Transition
JHK can be your Best Choice


To fill vacancies in a restructured supply chain with new suppliers is a no easy job, but to customers demanding quality cold forgings, it can be made easy with JHK. This Taiwanese veteran maker has been devoted to cold forging for over 30 years, and takes pride of a sound line of manufacturing and QC equipment employed in house, as well as a time-tested multi-stage cold-forging skill, which is key to rolling out cold-forged products with custom, sophisticated structural designs. 

Another merit among others that make JHK a great choice for customer’s supply chain restructuring is vertically integrated, flexible production capability, achieved primarily by the firm’s unparalleled die development, production and tooling abilities. All the abovementioned advantages enable JHK to offer high-efficient, value-added manufacturing services, and help customers shorten time-to-market and facilitate supply chain management.




      __iMonster's Digest___  
JHK to Further Aid Customers to Ride on Trend with Stainless Steel Socket Series

iMonster Marketing has just been informed that JHK, with an aspiration to join hands with customers to explore new opportunities amid the said revolution, has actively promoted its brand new socket series, all made of stainless steel. 

Understanding that stainless steel sockets and socket bars are perfect for professional end-users, JHK, which has newly installed advanced machines to enhance its multi-stage cold-forging efficiency and capability in mid-September, 2019, announced that the series has been expanded to include larger-sized models, with drive hole sizes ranging 10-12cm and shank length of 25, 30, 35, 40, 47 and 50cm. Application of the new series covers maintenance of electronic products, vehicles and machinery.

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